Some Tools to Get More Awesome Awareness Into Your Life

A Quick Note On FASD. After years of mis-diagnosis and a cornucopia of failed solutions, I was blessed with a "Rosetta Stone" diagnosis: Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder.


At 56 years of age, the lens of FASD helped me start understanding so much of my, at times, extremely frustrating life's journey. I was finally ALIGNING with who I really was. Exciting! 


WATCH THIS VIDEO to learn more about this important evolutionary step in my life. 


This site will have a lot to say about FASD and the folks that live in that world, but it is about so much more. Primarily it's about the spirit of surviving and thriving in the face of seemingly soul smashing challenges.

"Today I Commit to Bring a Bit More Awesome Awareness Into The World."

A commitment is something that, for me, is about My Word. It's not about something I'm THINKING of doing, or just wanting to discuss over a pint with a buddy. 🤪

To Commit is to birth DOING.

Okay - that part is pretty straight forward... but oh my gosh: that NEXT batch of words that I put down AFTER "I Commit"! 

Jeez Louis, just what the heck do I mean by "bringing a bit more awesome awareness into the world" ?  🤷🏻‍♂️

Well, I gotta confess something right here, right now, Dear Reader:  I know EXACTLY what I mean by those words.

And it is actually the fact that I'm NOT confused about those words that scares me more than I thought it might.


Wow. What a title there, eh?


I'm always a bit  leery of starting any public statement with the words "I Commit". It seems bad enough that I'm speaking publicly on the World Wide Web about ANYTHING.


But "I Commit"... well that just seems to put my personal word dead center and rather naked before all those that come across this website.

Many of us get lost along Life’s path.  Some of us know we’re lost. Some are not aware of  being out of step and can hardly realize they are wandering and feeling out-of-sync. 

In my experience, it is hard to get to somewhere NEW if one doesn’t know clearly where one PRESENTLY is.



Heck!  You’ve gotten THIS far and you’re still ticking!  AND, bonus, you are reading this which means you are thinking about IMPROVING your life!   

That certainly, by itself, deserves a High-Five and a BIG HUG, if you are the hugging type. (After 10 years in Vancouver area, I certainly am ;)



Once we know where we are, we can make more effective plans to go somewhere. More "effective" translates into hopefully less bumps and grinds. And if one does encounter some opposition along the way one is more motivated to sort it out in the most straight-forward manner possible, as one is clear on where one wishes to get to.