I'm Okay. But I'm Not Okay. And I'm OKAY with that.

    [from FaceBook post, Oct. 10, 2019]


    Good morning my dear ReinPeeps! Here's another somewhat long post - but for me it's an important one. If you normally read my stuff on here, I hope you read through this one 😌

    So, if I'm gonna do any self-harm, you gotta know, that I personally AM NOT gonna talk about it on social media. 🀨
    Now, don't get me wrong. I know LOTS of people tend to send/tweet/post out "signals" of how crappy their life is and their sometimes not-so-subtle attempts to build their victimhood stance and solicit "you poor thing" responses from their followers. So be it. That is their right to do so. I do hope they find whatever support they need to heal.
    I just want my peeps to understand, I don't and won't do that. 😌

    The reason I bring this up is that pretty much every time I share a (to me πŸ˜‰) rather deep post here, there is always one or two folks that respond with something approaching pity or "You're not thinking of doing anything CRAZY are you?" type energy. I'm not looking for that. And, again, they have every right to respond in the manner they are called to respond. (Usually I leave their posts in place - though some I delete and then PM them to let them know I'm good to go.)

    To be clear: this is a very small percentage of my "followers/readers".

    What I'm blown away by is the sooooo many others that seem to resonate or even learn something about themselves through reading one of my posts. Their responses are deep, thoughtful, interactive - and more often than I ever thought could happen I'm told "it mattered" that I spoke my truth and what I've learned about Life over my last 60 years of journeying here. πŸ˜‡

    I'm blessed with some great friends, some great support, (and also blessed with an attitude towards personal therapy that borders on someone else's enjoyment of playing street hockey which means I'm usually enthusiastically working with professionals as I navigate and learn about myself and others.) and I'm NOT a person who believes advocates for self-harm as a coping tool. Ever.

    Does this mean that I don't have days/weeks (in the past MONTHS) where I'm FEELING the same level of crap that those that do practice self-harm and victimhood strategies experience?


    But I made a decision decades ago that self-harm... intentional self-harm... is not MY way. 😌✌🏼

    (My mind finds LOTS of ways to keep hurting me WITHOUT my conscious help! πŸ™„ This is why I'm such a believer in developing my Heart and practicing good Emotional Hygiene - some day I'll tell you about brushing with my truth brush 😁 ).

    So keep reading, if you are drawn to do so, my posts knowing that you don't need to look for "hidden messages" and passive-aggressive notes calling out for help hidden in my many MANY words! πŸ˜‡

    And if you get even one SMALL thought that improves your relationship with yourself, or someone you care about... then my tired fingers are such a tiny price to pay for that!!

    Namaste Y'All! 😌


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