❤️Thankful for My Mama 🦃

    [from FaceBook post, Oct 14, 2019]


    The Near-Turkey Experience (starring Mama deSmit and Yours Truly)

    So the "retirement" home my Mama is in does "okay" food... but nothing like the crazy-BIG Thanksgiving meals my mom used to prepare for us year on year on year. But at nearly 96 years old, I can hardly fault her for not feeling like doing all that cooking these day. (Also, she doesn't have a kitchen any more, so that further complicates her doing her cooking magic any longer. )

    So I drove through the beautifully painted countryside of Ontario (which was also blessedly free of MOSQUITOES 😉) to take her out to Swiss Chalet. We shared the "Thanksgiving Feast" which was rather turkey-less and yet, perfect for what Mama required and requested. Cranberry Jelly along with semi-realistic StUFFING (which I let her have totally as I am not a fan, even the stuff she used to make).
    My Mama and I, well, we've known each other now for about 60 years. We've been through a LOT. We've cleared up pretty much all of the shite and detritus that a mother and son can generate in a "fully lived" life.

    I'm thankful that we can have a nice meal together. I'm thankful that I can sit with her and listen to her chat for up to two or, with a glass of red wine, three hours at a time. I'm thankful for the life she (and my dear passed Papa) gave me.

    It's been a bumpy ride at times, but much like the country roads of Ontario that spend part of the year nearly impassable with snow and ice, yet have moments of awesome Fall beauty and Summer blue skies, we've made the journey valuable and worthwhile.

    Without my Mama I'd not be regaling you with my wit and my ominous swath of words.  So ... there's that ;)


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