A Day Learning About How I Have (and will continue to) Tick


    [from FaceBook post Sept. 11/12th, 2019]

    Wow. What a day! According to local feedback I done did my job well n' good. Happy am I for that!!

    R.J. Formanek & Jeff Noble - what a blast it was to work with you two dudes. These men CARE about what's happening in the FASD world... Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder is NOT a joke... and yet humour can so help us all deal and learn about this disorder... Thanks RJ & Jeff for taking me under your (broken) wings! 🙏🏼
    Your talents and your spirits are so varied and so strong. It was an honour to work and hang with you over the last few days.

    Debbie Reynolds Michaud, Bill Michaud, Rhonda Konrad, Sherry Wills Baum - thanks for being our wheels, our secretaries, and our support team! You folk were truly awesome and YOUR spirit and passion for the work of getting FASD awareness into the world was so very inspiring.

    And, my GOSH, there are so many others - right down to the caregivers and parents and social workers and therapists and and and that attended our seminar!! You people really CARE! And that has given ME more hope in my life on a number of levels. ❤️x100

    Now, if you'll forgive me, I'm gonna go lie down for a day or two.🤪 Flying from Sioux Lookout back to Kingston, you know how it goes: " Boy, are my wings tired!!"
    (...not broken, but VERY tired 😊)

    Namaste, Y'all!! 😌


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