Below the Neck, Above the Waist: How To Have A Meaningful Life (video)

    [from FaceBook post, Sept 05, 2019]


    For our September 9th FASD AWARENESS breakfast here in Kingston, I was requested to whip together a 12 minutes video for my Kingston FASD peeps, and here it is.

    (you might have seen it elsewhere on this website... though, in my humble opinion, it bares repeating ;)

    I'm thinking that this particular philosophy might apply to pretty much anyone, so I thought I'd share!
    Namaste Y'All! 😌🙏🏼

    PS: this video is the TWELVE minute one ~ there's a 2 or 3 minute trailer of this floating around out there somewhere, but I hope you have time to take a peak at this full version!



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