Let That Sink In

    [from FaceBook post Oct. 26, 2019]


    This is so true!

    And that last line: let it sink in. Really.😌

    In my experience, I never stopped loving my parents... but for a long time I did not LIKE them. That, along with my crushed self-esteem, caused me to choose some very un-loving paths in my life. Unloving to others. Unloving to myself.

    To all my peeps that are parents out there. Or guardians. Or mentors. Or that have "friends"... FIND a way to put LOVE back into your communications, SPECIALLY when you need to set a boundary with someone. It's always been important to do so, but right now in these times in this world It seems even MORE important.

    Be good to each other out there, my fine Peeps.
    Peace &Namaste Y'all! 😎🙏🏼

    ReinMan OUT✨


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