Road Trip To Awakening The Next Phase

    [from FaceBook Sept 08, 2019]


    My journey has started.

    Long story short: I'm on my way, via a 3-plane "puddle-jumper" journey, to Sioux Lookout. (again, please consult The Google if you are pondering where the Lookout might be in the great and very large province of Ontario).

    I'm going to my first financed "speaking gig". Exciting? You betcha!!

    I'll be attending a two-day seminar on FASD. Day Two I'll be talking about my experience as an adult who got his diagnosis rather late in life (better late than never, as some wise person once said). Then helping run an open discussion group with my new amigo R.J. Formanek... we're both hoping to answer some questions from "inside" the spectrum that perhaps some of the younger folks might have trouble telling their care-givers and parents and guardians.

    I'm going to see if I can keep you, my ever appreciated Peeps, updated on my journey here. I'll attempt to keep it interesting (but not TOO interesting, as I've got 6 flights in the next 3 days!!

    ;) )
    Ciao for now! 😎


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