Today I Commit to Bring a Bit More AwesomeAwareness Into The World

    Wow. What a title there, eh?  

    I'm always a bit  leery of starting any public statement with the words "I Commit". It seems bad enough that I'm speaking publicly on the World Wide Web about ANYTHING. 🤪

    But "I Commit"... well that just seems to put my personal word dead center and rather naked before all those that come across this website. A commitment is something that, for me, is about My Word. It's not about something I'm THINKING of doing, or just wanting to discuss over a pint with a buddy.

    To Commit is to birth DOING.

    Okay - that part is pretty straight forward... but oh my gosh: that NEXT batch of words that I put down AFTER "I Commit"!  Jeez Louis, just what the heck do I mean by "bringing a bit more awesome awareness into the world" ?  🤷🏻‍♂️

    Well, I gotta confess something right here, right now, Dear Reader:  I know EXACTLY what I mean by those words.  And it is actually the fact that I'm NOT confused about those words that scares me more than I thought it might.

    I'm not fuzzy on the words "bringing a bit more" at all.  It means MORE than there is NOW. That's straight forward. "A bit more". Not a Universe-destroying and mind-numbingly HUGE wack of something... Just a bit. More. More than there was before that moment.

    "Awesome Awareness".  Now this where it gets interesting for me.  Hopefully for you too, brave adventurer into the ReinScape.  Many MANY folks much MUCH more wise and schooled than I understand AWARENESS. It's actually pretty simple: you are aware of SOMETHING or you are NOT aware of it.  You might even THINK you are aware of something but until you get to it's truth and essence you might only be aware of the idea of something... not it's truth. But... you are aware it is there. Ready for your scrutiny, if you so choose to scrute. 

    And "awesome" - again, no heavy rocket science to get to the root of that word. Awe.  And, in this case SOME amount of it! When we, as humans witness anything that touches our hearts, moves our soul, impresses our minds we can be said to be in AWE of that thing. That experience.  It is usually a positive thing, but sometimes it is not. Thus the word "awful". But AWE... well, it tends to MOVE us.

    So Awesome Awareness is to not only NOTICE something, perhaps something unnoticed before,  close to its core beauty and authenticity, but to fully "get it" at a level that it inspires a deep feeling of awe in one's awareness of that thing. That "thing" noticed will now tend to not be ignored or forgotten.

    Okay. Right. Let's go over those potentially crazy words again that I just used to title this blog entry:
    Today I Commit to Bring a Bit More AwesomeAwareness Into The World."

    I've lived a decade past my half-century mark now. I've learned some things. I'm okay with giving you the story from each scar, notebook, life-movie review that I've been through. Some stories are pretty sad, by my reckoning. Some are pretty funny as hell.  They are all both awesome and awful in their own ways.

    But I don't wish to "entertain" you here. I wish to inspire you to find your own awesome stories... and face down the lessons you can most surely learn from your AWFUL stories.  If you communicate with me, I will call out to that part of you that wishes to be an awesome person. I intend for you to leave any and all communications with me a BIT more AWARE of how AWESOME you and your life is.

    Hang with me and I'll remind you that living Below your Neck and Above Your Waist will allow you to have a much more clear, exciting, peaceful life. And that living this way invites others to do the same. 

    I commit to this.  😌🙏🏼

    Will I scare some folks away? Most likely. And that's okay.
    Might I inspire one or two or more folks to dig into their own Awesomeness and become Aware of just how brilliant they really are? I sure hope so.

    Will it get MESSY? Most assuredly.
    The Universe ALWAYS hides the diamonds in the manure pile!
    That's okay - I got gloves for everyone!!😁👍🏼

    Thanks for reading, my Most Awesome Peeps. 
    More to come, more to come!





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